1.Who we are?

Courierservice connects people with the reputed third party courier services/providers who is /looking to avail courier and /or logistical services. Third party courier service providers are reputed an-known courier service providers who are in agreement with Courierservice to offer the courier and /or logistical services.

2.How Courierservice is different from other courier services.

With Courierservice there is no need to contact Courier Company or carrying the courier/parcel to the courier company to ship the parcel. Using our android mobile app, sit and book a courier pick up. Some of the features are Search, Select, Send, Track, Share and get notifications for all your shipments.

3.Which Courierservice is right for me?

Our App or Website offers a variety of choices at different price points, time duration and, based on your inputs. We have a service for every occasion and no matter which option you chose you get the great service. Depending on your preference you can chose the best suitable service.

Setting up Your Account

1.Download the App?

You can download the Courierservice App from the android Google play store OR follow the below link.

2. Create your account?

Once you have the app, you can create your account by selecting ‘Register’. In order to create an account you will need to provide your name, email address, phone number.

3.Rate Estimate and Booking.
a.How do I book a Courier/Parcel?

Once you have downloaded the Courierservice app and set up your account, you can book the couriers in three simple navigations..

● Enter the pickup and delivery pin codes (System validates the pin code against our serviceability).
● Select either Document or Parcel, and enter dimensions for the number of parcels/documents (length, width and height) in Cm's and weight in Kg's in our user friendly row repeatable component (precise dimensions required)
● Depending on your preference, choose the service and make payment.
● Depending on your preference you can chose the best suitable service for all the options listed in the Third Screen and Make the payment you sit back and relax, we will take it from here.
● You sit back and relax; we will take it from here.

b.Can I Request a booking for a Friend or a client?

You can use Courierservice to request a booking for someone other than yourself, as long as you have entered the right pick up address. Post entering the mandatory information towards booking, forward the booking details to the concerned person for an uninterrupted service.

4.How are the rates Estimate arrived?

Based on the following input information,

● Pick UP and Delivery Address.
● No of Parcels.
● Weight + Dimensions
● Delivery Duration.
● May vary from one courier/logistics service providers to the other.

5.Do I need to Paste and Labels?

We will send you a label to your registered email id, which includes Air Way bill number over. We recommend you to take print out of this label, paste it on all the number of parcels and hand over one copy to courier pickup personnel. This allows us to track your shipment more efficiently and send the right updates regarding your shipment. Failing to do so, would delay in shipment delivery, tracking and notifications. In such instances, please go and update the new tracking ID, provided by pickup personnel against your booking ID.

Do I Need to Enter the Correct Dimension and Weight details?

Before booking any documents or parcel, make sure you have the accurate dimensions and weight of the parcel to get the accurate rate estimates and services. Failing to do so will lead the complications and even rejection of your courier pick up request by the pickup personnel.

Can I Edit and/or correct or add parcels to my order?

Once the order is booked, it cannot be edited to add/delete/change the dimension of the parcels. We request you to cancel the order and book a new order with the correct details before the parcel being picked up.

How to place an order for multiple parcels with different address for pickup and delivery?

All the parcels with common pickup and delivery address can booked together with proper labels and documentation.

When multiple parcels and the address (either the pickup or delivery) are not common, each booking has to be made separately. Ensure that you hand over the correct parcels to the correct courier pick up personnel's.


1.Who will pick up my Parcels?

You order with us would be fulfilled by the courier and/or logistics company, which you have selected while placing an order with us, unless we have specified otherwise.

2.At what time, parcels would be collected at the pickup address?

We cannot provide an exact time of the collection of the parcels. Our service providers have the time window from 10 AM to 7 PM to collect the couriers. We request you to make necessary arrangements to hand over the parcels to the correct pick up personnel.

3.At what time, my parcels would be delivered at the delivery address?

We cannot provide an exact time of the delivery of the parcels. Our service provider ensures that, parcels would be delivered on the date that they agreed. However, you would receive timely notifications regarding the shipment.

4.What happens if no one is available in person @ pick up address or delivery address when the collection or delivery service has arrived?

The collection and/or the delivery service personnel will contact you on the telephone numbers provided at the time of booking. Kindly make necessary arrangements to respond to the Pickup/Delivery personnel during that time. However, in case, if you need any rescheduling, kindly raise an alert over the App from the Booking history, we will make necessary arrangements to reschedule the same. In some cases, you will be liable to pay additional charges.

5.Can I get the Pickup and/or Delivery at an alternate address?

We cannot accommodate the change in the Pickup and/or Delivery.

6.What happens if no one turns up at the Pickup or delivery of my parcels?

In such cases, we kindly request you to raise an alert from the App. Navigating to the Booking history and hitting on Query button.